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Approved Universities for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program
Please note that In order to be considered for a scholarship, you must apply and gain admission to at least one of the following approved universities in the United States. AMDIEAST/Egypt will assist you in the application and placement process.
The approved universities for the graduate Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program are:
In California:
       -     California Institute of Technology
       -     Stanford University
       -     The University of California - Berkley
In Connecticut:
       -     Yale University
In Georgia:
       -     Georgia Institute of Technology
In Illinois:
       -     Northwestern University
       -     The University of Chicago
In Massachusetts:
       -     Harvard University
       -     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
In New Jersey:
       -     Princeton University
In New York:
       -     Cornell University
       -     Columbia University
In North Carolina:
       -     Duke University
In Michigan:
       -     The University of Michigan
In New Hampshire:
       -     Dartmouth University
In Pennsylvania:
       -     Carnegie Mellon University
       -     The University of Pennsylvania
In Texas:
       -     The University of Texas - Austin